My name is Danny , I am a health and fitness coach, after many years of training I decided to get involved in the industry in 2013, since starting, I have many successes helping people to reach their goals, whatever that may be!

I have experience in all aspects of training including many of the modern methods but my heart has always been in track and field sports, centred around sprinting which I was taught a great deal by my gold medalist friend Mark Lewis-Francis.

I firmly believe in healthy wholesome foods and I say to all of my clients “you cannot outrun a bad diet”- but please do not feel you cannot enjoy the variety of foods that make us happy, its all about finding an equilibrium.

Part of my coaching is centered around this quote: "you are what u absorb , not what you eat" with natural supplementation (complimentary medicine), i personally believe that many digestive problems can be rectified without the use of harsh man made pharmaceutical products which in any form are not good for you.