These are some of the normal people that have changed their lives FOREVER with the help of Griffin Fitness... I will let them say it as it is......

Dan (Walsall, IT Professional)


"At 15 stone in October 2012, i never thought i was really that overweight, i was just a plump bloke who didn't really exercise all that much. At that time, i didn't realise how my dreadful diet was, making my whole body blow up like a balloon.

Some of my mates saw it really clear, used to call me a "Fat Fucker" but i used to laugh it off as lads speak. On reflection today, they were right, i WAS a fat fucker, just look at that round head and growing double chin.

Those who I went to school with will know, I hated running, I used to make up excuses why I wouldn’t do any form of running (apart from Rugby) exercise during physical education (PE). I also hated going to gym's, it was too easy to make excuses not to go: "its too cold to get up", "its too far away", "Never any space in the classes"... All Bullshit really.

I purchased a cross trainer in November 2012 for home use, thinking that i could outrun my outrageous diet. To be fair, it did help me shed around 8 kilos over a 2 year period, very slow pace but i guess it was sustainable.

In January 2015 weighing 87 Kilos, i decided to put a line in the sand after my visit to Seattle and go on some sessions with Danny.

We agreed it was best to do at least 2 sessions per week to maximize the returns on the investment I was going to make, therefore I chose 7am on a Tuesday and Friday morning.

I had no idea what was in for me when I rocked up to see Danny for my first session, I guess there was fear I was going to die of exhaustion… quite natural for everyone I guess.

To my amazement, I ploughed through it, it was not easy, but then it didn’t kill me off either. I came away feeling like I had taken one of the best steps in my life.

Danny advised he wanted to do a consultation with me as I agreed my diet/habits needed to change.

The consultation was one of the best hours I have ever spent. That one hour alone allowed me to think differently about what I was eating but also what I was missing from my diet in terms of essential nutrients your body needs.
Since that hour consultation, I have sorted out my breakfast, lunches but also stopped snacking in between them, this is a BIG part of my diet puzzle I drastically needed.

Taking the supplement’s Danny suggested has made me feel ‘a million dollars’, no overstatement here, it’s taken me 30 years to realise the things I was missing from my diet.

Danny’s training sessions are great, really varied so you never get bored but always challenged.

I love meeting him at the Alexandra stadium and doing track work! Yes I now love running and can actually run quite a distance and recover very fast!
Doing 2 training sessions per week and then 3-4 30 minute sessions per week on my cross trainer at home along with my diet changes from the consultation has allowed me to shed around 12.5 kilo’s over the space of 6 months. Whilst its not rapid weight-loss, more importantly its a lifetime sustainable lifestyle, that's a very key difference.

My resting heart rate now fluctuates between 54-55 BPM, which is incredible given where I came from.

For my birthday,  I purchased a FitBit charge HR, I absolutely LOVE this device too, it has encouraged me to create a food diary that allows me to track what I am eating. This device/app allows me to make INFORMED decisions on what I eat and the impact it’s going to have. I cannot stress the importance of this, we make WAY too many unconscious decisions where our food is concerned.

I still love eating what I want (within moderation of course) and this is great, no crazy non carb diet only eating chicken or drinking shakes 3 times a day with no goodies in between, I feel I have the freedom as long as I keep the other aspects in shape.

I guess in summary, there is no easy route to change your lifestyle for the better, it takes hard work and effort. Every unconscious calorie you shove into your mouth will take 5 times more effort to get rid of it.

Danny has helped me realise this, but more importantly give me the tools to resolve it permanently that are most importantly sustainable forever, I don’t think I could live without the supplement’s that all of my family has now included into their diet.

Danny is not going to be there looking over your shoulder when you decide to pig out, Danny is not going to force you to train when you cannot be bothered, its is ALL in your control that will take motivation.

This is a 'selfie' of me taken in August 2015 before i smashed a 14k Run, in November 2015 i will be registering for the Stafford half marathon, if you read all of this you will know that i always hated running, NO WONDER i hated it when i was carrying all that fat with me! Therefore, if i can do it, let me assure you, you can too, Do the training and Follow Danny's advice and you will see for yourself!


Danny After