My name is Vicky, i hated being the overweight child! People either made fun of me or worse, i was bullied at school. My family would often laugh at me which resulted in a really low self esteem and confidence.

I just wanted to be happy like all other girls but felt ashamed that i wore bigger size clothing. I always used to cover myself i was so embarrassed.

Through the years, depression would set in which would result in comfort eating junk food, i was addicted to sugar and fizzy drinks. My diet was awful, i never ate healthy food.

People look, laugh and call you fat but they do not understand the who you are inside and that your internally screaming, they do not respect your a person too.

There were personal situations in my life that resulted in gaining weight, at my peak, i was 23 Stone and size 26. 

Due to a very sad loss of my son 10 years ago then death of my father 3 years later my eating habits were slowly killing me. I suffered from diabetes and polystric ovaries.

Meeting Danny changed my life, he was the first PT that i had met that trains from the heart. He changed my diet and advised the right supplements  to show me the way to a better life.

I trust Danny implicitly, prior to training with him, i was depressed, i remember the first conversation with him telling that i was unable to feed my son due to being so large which made me feel ashamed to be a mother. This was a 'line in the sand' moment, as i want to change my life for him as much as myself.

Following the advice, i have dropped a considerable number of dress sizes, my son has a much better life and relationship with me and for the first time, i can run in the park with him.

There are many PT's out there that will do it for their own financial gain, this man Danny, does it from the heart, he is exceptionally talented at what he does. ALL OF MY FRIENDS have seen the difference in my life thanks to him. I am eternally grateful!  Thanks Danny x